Ask Away

Are we asking each other enough questions and are we truly listening to the answers? You know how when you pass by someone and ask, “How are you?” you walk on assuming they have answered “Fine”?

Kalina Silverman ran a research project named Big Talk and concluded that we need to skip the small talk in order to have meaningful conversations. She would ask strangers “What do you want to do before you die?” Asking questions is valuable as it gives us a chance to learn about others and gain a greater understanding. It demonstrates a curiosity and strengthens deeper connection.

Perhaps you can create a list of fun questions to ask at your next dinner party to get the conversation going. In long term couples’ relationships, we take for granted that we know our partner so well there’s no need for questions. Actually, there is! Don’t you think? Here’s blogger Matt Valentine’s list of 50 Questions to Ask your Partner to Connect on a Deeper Level – they are worth asking!

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