Sex and Podcasts

While reading is one of my favorite things to do, I have to admit that I can’t read quite as much as I would like. While I still can’t replace reading with audio books, I have taken to listening to podcasts. As a therapist who specializes in sexuality I have found a particular interest in podcasts related to sexuality and relationships. My colleagues and patients have been my best sources, and the five podcasts listed below all have unique perspectives and ways of educating and telling stories that are almost as good as reading.

Bawdy Storytelling: True sex stories from “regular people.” Somewhat like “The Moth,” these stories all have elements that most of can relate to, unlike the glamourous sex of the movies.

The Heart: Beautiful and artful stories about intimacy, sexuality and humanity.

Celestial Sex: Started and hosted by a former Mormon. This podcast adresses issues of religion,

spirituality and sexuality.

Reality Bytes: Funny podcast by three different friends and their unique perspectives on dating and sex.

Love is Like a Plant: I was skeptical at first, but this podcast offers advice on dating and relationships that has some fresh perspectives.

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