Sex and Pizza

I am always searching for new ways of talking about sex, and sexual pleasure.  A Ted Talk by sex educator, Al Vernacchio discusses the ways we as an American society talk about sex.  He brought up the interesting notion that we often use Baseball as a way of talking about sex and sexual activity as we are simply still not comfortable talking directly about sex.  “Home runs, first base, and scoring” are all terms that are from baseball but have somehow become a regular part of how we talk and think about sex.  It is as though sex is a competition and there is a “winner” and a “loser.”  These terms are usually used by adolescents, but I believe they have become a part of how ideas of sex have been imprinted in our brains, and while most adults may not literally say “ I scored last night”  that idea or concept that sex is about scoring (usually for men) is imprinted at a pretty early age, and no doubt lingers in our subconscious. Al Vernacchio suggests a new way of talking about sex, and suggests Pizza. Most people like pizza, there is nothing competitive about it, there are hundreds of options, and eating pizza is associated with sharing, fulfillment and enjoyment.  He makes some pretty interesting points! 

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