What Should Go in the Vagina?

We live in the world of internet health, for good and bad. I admit to turning to the internet for medical advice. A rash on my arm, a strange feeling in my chest, and I turn to Dr. Google. However, in the end, the overwhelming amount of advice and strange ideas usually sends me straight to seeking help from an actual medical provider. Talking about my arm or chest is not embarrassing in any way, in any context. But talking about your vagina is a different story. Even amongst the best of friends talking about vaginal health is uncomfortable. So the internet is the perfect place to hide the shame and turn to when you get the slightest itch or think your vagina is just not right. Many women I speak with feel very uncomfortable “down there”, not even able to say the word “vagina”. So the thought of having to speak to someone else about it terrifies many women. But this NY times article “Here Are Things Not To Put In Your Vagina”  discusses that much of the advice on vaginal health on the internet is not sound medical advice and, can actually do more harm than good. Feeling comfortable with your body, including you vagina, can help you know when you actually need sound medical advice, and can turn to an actual medical provider.  

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