When sex between partners stops for whatever reason, it’s usually complex mix of causes, physical touch of any kind may fall by the wayside. I have heard this story many times at Maze Women’s Health. When sexual intimacy has gone missing for months or years these women tell me it feels “so weird, uncomfortable, and awkward” when any kind of physical overture is made. This makes total sense because there’s a lack of connection.

What to do?

First you need to decide you want to make a change, acknowledge that physical intimacy is important to you and make it a priority. This mental attitude will help you push forward. To rebuild a bond focus on telling your partner something you appreciate about them on a daily basis. Getting closer requires being in the same place at the same time. Making time to have a 10 minute uninterrupted chat about each other’s day is a good starting point. Also, have a conversation with your partner that you may not be ready for sexual touch but are ready for some physical intimacy. Bring non-sexual touch back into the relationship in steps:

Hug your partner, snuggle, kiss goodbye and take in each other’s scent, give each other a massage, take a bath or shower together.

Give touch a chance!

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