Use Our Vaginismus Forum!

I can’t tell you how often I hear that the Vaginismus Forum was a lifesaver for a patient. We created the Forum in order for women to connect to other women and find comfort, information and support along a journey that is often a long and difficult one. Despite the fact that nearly every vaginismus patient can have a happy ending, with pain-free intercourse as part of their life, we know how scary and intimidating the process can be.  

We, here at Maze, understand what you are going through. We see it every day in the patients that walk through our doors. And we pride ourselves on providing support and patient care and understanding as well as experienced and specialized medical treatment. But we also realize that not every woman can get in to see us. With that in mind we created the Forum. It’s not a replacement for the medical help you need but it can provide guidance in helping you find the right physician, physical therapist, or aid. And, on the psychological side, it’s not going to replace seeing our therapists but it can help you find women struggling with the same issue you are and it might help with suggestions on how to handle them.

So, if you suspect you might have vaginismus, do yourself a favor and log onto our Forum. I promise that you will be glad you did.

Contact us for a free phone consultation and learn more about vaginismus and how we can help. 

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