Orgasm Gap…Kind of Like the Wage Gap

Wouldn’t it be nice if legislation could be introduced to address the orgasm gap?  The ground breaking supreme court decision known as “The Equal Pay Act of 1963” requires that men and women be given equal pay for equal work.  How did this legislation come about?  Women asking for it, women and men fighting for it and believing that women’s value in the world is just as important as men’s value.  So that is pretty much how what is being termed the “orgasm gap” is going to change as well.  The term “orgasm gap” was coined to highlight the glaring inequality that studies have documented that men have orgasms much more often than women during partnered heterosexual sexual activity. A recent study of college students reported that 90% of men report having an orgasm with partnered sex with a woman while only about 40% of women report having an orgasm when having sex with a man.  Sadly, this sounds about right. I have heard numerous women tell me they “just fake it” to get sex over with, as they have no confidence that they will be able to have an orgasm.  So women need to have that confidence, and speak out about what they need, want and deserve.  Learning how to have an orgasm should be taught in sex education classes, and be a part of the “the talk” parents give their children.  Basically we need to start talking about female anatomy, and female pleasure. We deserve it just as much as we deserve making the same salary as men.      

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