Me, Myself and I

It’s especially inspiring when a single woman comes to Maze Women’s Health to work on her dynamic with herself. Being “active alone” and carving out a space for pleasure can be rewarding and exciting.

Dedicating time to and for ourselves is challenging in our social driven, FOMO culture. “ Masturbation is the subtle art of self-gratification. But not in the sexual sense of the word”. It’s about going out alone and enjoying your own company – taking in a movie or going to a restaurant by yourself. What prevents people from going out alone? Often it’s because we fear the pitying glances of others as we appear friendless or dateless – as if we are wearing an “L” on our forehead. Maybe dressing up , taking a book to dinner, and putting on a smile will ease the experience.

A recent study suggests that those who spend some time alone have just as much fun as those who do the same activity in pairs. So why not go out with yourself and just do you!

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