A New Look for Pelvic Exams

Ever wonder who invented the speculum, the handy tool used during pelvic exams to help open the walls of the vagina?  History tells us that something resembling a speculum was found during an archeological dig in Pompeii. However, in more modern history the first commonly used speculum appeared about 150 years ago and James Marion Sims is credited with its invention. But then that is about it.  We have been using the same piece of equipment for 150 years, no changes, and no improvements.  Thankfully some forward thinking entrepreneurs have been working on a new and improved speculum that will make having that pelvic exam less of a chore.  In their research, these designers found that many women hated the feel of the metal or plastic material that speculums are made of. To combat this, they will be making the new speculums of silicone, which is the same material used to make vibrators.  Learn more about the future of the speculum and pelvic exams.     

If you’ve ever experienced pelvic pain, or even if you haven’t, a gynecologic exam can create extreme anxiety.  Read our blog, The Gyn Exam: Fear of the Dreaded Speculum. We hope you find it helpful.


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