A Thank You to Our Patients

We have been taught to say thank you since we were able to talk. For some of us it’s not an easy thing to say because the feelings around it can be uncomfortable. Maybe you don’t want to feel indebted to someone or heaven forbid appear needy. Some people simply feel embarrassed expressing appreciation. Saying thank you is an admission that we all depend on others.

I was struck when I read the Editor’s Letter in Vanity Fair Magazine titled “Good – Bye To All That” by Graydon Carter. It was a multipage thank you note to all the people who helped him along the way. What stopped me in my tracks was the last paragraph when he thanked the magazine reader whom he called “the single most important person” in his run with the magazine.

This made me think of our patients at Maze. Without you there wouldn’t be a Maze Women’s Health Center. This includes not only our actual patients but also the members on our forum, and those who contact us for a phone consultation. Thank you for the lessons each of you has taught us. You share your vulnerabilities, concerns, anxiety, struggles, conflicts, as well as your triumphs with us. You allow us to be present for the most intimate of conversations. It’s a privilege to provide support to you through this journey. I’m so glad that I can take the opportunity to thank you without also having to say good bye to all that!

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