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At Maze Women’s Sexual Health we often suggest that our patients download the free app “Insight Timer”. It offers guided meditation and progressive relaxation which can relieve muscle tension as well as anxiety.

The notion of meditation can feel daunting – sitting silent on pins and needles until you can’t stand it any longer! So, for those who want to start meditating on your own without a guide, understand a few things: You can sit any way you like and place your hands wherever you want. Being comfortable, supported, and somewhat calm is premium (there is also an app called Calm!). Then just “allow thoughts to wash through your mind like a river or a steady stream, pay no attention to any specific thought, just allow your emotions to flow with them”. When you find your mind moving away, note it and gingerly bring your thoughts back to “complete flow”. Inhaling deeply and exhaling even deeper will increase oxygenation and release energy and stress that has been locked in the body.

Meditation is a process and a practice with no score cards or competitions. One of the best things about it is that it’s not the kind of practice that needs to make perfect!

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