Is My Low Sex Drive Treatable?

If you have been to the gynecologist and the answer to that question was “Oh just try having a glass of wine” or “Desire is something that fades with time- join the club”, then you might feel like the answer is no.

But in reality, that is simply not the case. Sex drive is multifactorial, and there are many different reasons why your desire has decreased. A careful screening, including a psychosocial history and complete medical history and exam (including a full bloodwork panel and hormone evaluation) may help us figure out the cause of your decreased sex drive and guide us to the proper treatment for you.

Here at Maze Women’s Health, we perform a comprehensive evaluation at your initial visit, and use that information to develop an individual treatment plan to address your specific issues. If you have been to your gynecologist and they have been unable to help you, please give us a call to schedule a free phone consultationLow sex drive is treatable!

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