Nature’s Remedy

Times are a changing (not fast enough) when it comes to including women of all body types in the media. We have our Dove commercials and our plus size models for starters. In my work at Maze Women’s Sexual Health, I hear countless stories from women and their negative relationship with their bodies.

Recent studies have been finding that taking nature walks, and even viewing pictures of streams, mountains and greenery can improve body image.

How is that?

Researcher and psychologist Viren Swami posits on how and why nature can effect a more positive body image: When we are surrounded by nature “we are distanced from appearance-focused situations” which are a cause of negative body image. Also, when we are appreciating nature we quiet the noise in our head which may lead to a sense of gratitude and self – compassion. Additionally, we are awed by nature and thus it inspires a decrease in self – consciousness.

Wouldn’t it be nice to lessen the struggle with negative body image by simply taking a hike or just having a roll in the hay!

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