Reviving “The Dining Dead”!

I regularly tune into Modern Love the Podcast. There was a recent episode titled “How The ‘Dining Dead’ Got Talking Again”. It’s really scary when you and your significant other stop talking and sharing intimate conversation. Of course there’s tons of relationship advice out there.

Here’s an interesting tidbit:

Research has shown that when we have sexual thoughts, we are more inclined to disclose and communicate personal information which leads to enhanced openness. These studies involved individuals being “exposed to either sexual or nonsexual stimuli” before given a request to discuss something personal. They demonstrated that individuals who were exposed to the sexual stimuli consistently revealed a lot more about themselves than those who were shown nonsexual stimuli. This led to a conclusion that desire makes people less inhibited and more conversational. These thoughts can start a positive pattern of verbal intercourse so we don’t end up among the dreaded dining dead!

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