Vibrators for the Holidays

Holiday shopping can be both fun, and stressful at the same time.  Many people want to get just “the right gift,” or making sure that the person will be surprised at the uniqueness of their gift.  So how about a vibrator? 

There are literally hundreds of vibrators on the market, and numerous websites selling them discreetly, including Amazon.   When asked if they have ever used a vibrator, many of our patients slyly smile and say they want to try one, but just don’t know what to buy.  Here are a few of our favorites! All of which are easily found on-line:

The Bodywand

This one is meant to be used externally, and not inside the vagina. There are numerous versions of this basic vibrator, and they all come with adjustable speeds.  It comes in numerous colors, and also doubles as a massager. Do not be overwhelmed at the choices, just go with your instinct (and favorite color).

Hitachi Magic Wand

This is considered the gold standard of vibrators, and has been a top seller for over 30 years. This is also meant to be used externally and doubles as a massager. However, it is pretty heavy but definitely as strong as they come.  

Electric Toothbrush Attachment 

A recent addition to the world of vibrators involves an electric toothbrush.  Several companies have designed “vibrating” attachments that are made to fit your electric toothbrush.  You replace the top toothbrush part with the “vibrator” and the toothbrush provides the power. So, this gift could be a real “two in one.”  Please, don’t get overwhelmed at the selection of vibrators.   Do read the customer reviews as you would with any other product, but most of all have fun, that is what they are all about. 

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