What’s wrong with those men? All they want is sex!

“What’s wrong with my husband? All he wants is sex! It’s never enough! And when we’re done, he’s thinking about the next time we’ll have sex…” I hear this complaint often from women and I get it. I get how frustrating it can be. But maybe, just maybe, what your partner is looking for is much deeper than that. Maybe what he needs is just plain touch. We all need that to feel comforted, alive connected. And maybe sex is the only way for him to get what he needs. Read this. It may give you a better understanding and maybe even more compassion. Because I think it’s true. Men, in our society are touch-starved. Touching isn’t allowed. And so “Having no other conduit to physical comfort but sexualized touch can lead to an obsessive focus on just that. For many men, sex becomes validation, plain and simple. Sexual frequency becomes everything; the metric for defining a good life.”

Why men keep demanding sex from their partners

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