Happy Birthday Smiley Face!

The smiley face is 50 something years old. It was created by Harvey Ross Ball, an American graphic artist to raise employee morale at the company for which he worked. His design has become the most iconic version and there have been many variations since its inception.

The notion that an idea can be conveyed with just one still image and influence our emotional conversation fascinates me. The visual image offers us a succinct and accessible way to express ourselves and is becoming more universal.

Not surprising, a patient at Maze Women’s Health told me that she has begun to create a vision board. In addition to including material items that she hopes to acquire she also has emotional goals to which she aspires. I don’t know if a smiley face is on the board but I suspect it’s there in some form. When you look at a vision board on a regular basis you are doing short visualization exercises which inspire and motivate.

Seeing is believing!

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