Wonder Woman’s thoughts on Sexual Pleasure

This summer’s block buster movie Wonder Woman, is not only fun to watch, but has a few words of wisdom that might be important to note.  Wonder Woman agrees that partners are nice but not necessary for sexual pleasure.  Wonder Woman leaves the peaceful female only island where she was brought up to enter into the world as we know it and fight good and evil, and as she says “bring love” to all.  On her journey she is accompanied by a man named “Steve.”  While she and Steve are sailing away from her homeland, he begins to question what she knows about sex, and asks her if she understands “how babies are made.”   

Wonder Woman (WW): “You refer to reproductive biology? … Yeah, I know. I know all about that.”

Steve: “I refer to that and, you know, other things.”

WW: “The pleasures of the flesh.”

Steve: “Do you…know about that?”

WW: “I’ve read all 12 volumes of Clio’s treatises on bodily pleasure.”

Steve: “All 12, huh? Did you bring any of those with you?”

WW: “You would not enjoy them. … They came to the conclusion that men are essential for procreation but when it comes to pleasure, unnecessary.”

Thanks Wonder Woman, for not only fighting evil, but letting women know that sexual pleasure is not dependent on a partner.  Of course having a partner is nice and provides a certain sense of connection. However, when it comes to sexual self-pleasure you can explore what you like all on your own, apparently Wonder Woman does.

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