Why does tensing your body during sex cause more pain?

This is something many women have experienced. Sometimes it is a response to something that happened in the past where you experienced pain. (It could be something you don’t even remember.) On some level, it caused you a bit of anxiety because you were fearful it would happen again or that it would hurt even more. That anxiety can cause muscle tension and as a result, the vaginal muscles in the area of discomfort can contract.  It is completely involuntary. It just happens. Once a muscle tenses, it can take many minutes for it to relax, so this can become a vicious cycle… anxiety, muscle spasm, discomfort, increased anxiety, more muscle spasm, etc. And after a while, those muscles become hyper-stimulated, which means they just stay in a constant state of contraction. Compare it to exercising. When you are contracting and relaxing muscles and exerting energy, those muscles become sore with the exertion. The difference is that those are voluntary muscles. You can take a day or so off, relax those muscles and the discomfort dissipates. The tightening of vaginal muscles, however, may not go away on its own. Fortunately, there are many treatments available such as topical medication or dilator therapy. If you think you may need help, contact us for a free phone consultation. There is no need to suffer when help is available!

Tensing your body during sex can either be a means to generating pleasure or a reaction to experiencing pain. If you’re interested in the pleasure aspect, read our blog to learn more