Nerdette Podcast: Let’s Talk About Sex (And Religion) With Dr. Bat Sheva Marcus

I recently participated in a podcast discussion with the hosts of Nerdette (the glasses-clad alter ego to the Superhero podcast) talking about what we do at Maze Women’s Health and the sexual issues we treat. They referred to me as the Orthodox Jewish Sex Guru, as have others, based on the help I’ve been able to offer many women in that community. Many grew up with a limited knowledge of sex and many feelings of shame. Because I’m part of that community, they feel comfortable speaking to me and my team and they don’t feel judged. As a result, word has spread.

This made me think about a common theme among our patients who come from different walks of life. Some were raised in strict Christian homes or their families weren’t open to alternative sexual practices or lifestyles.  It occurred to me that this is really one of the areas where we excel. Talking to your OB/GYN or primary care doctor about sexual issues can be daunting and scary but at Maze, this is what we do, every day. Regardless of your religion, race or sexual orientation, Maze is a safe place where you can talk about anything. So many of us are uncomfortable with sexuality because of how we were raised, and we get that. But truly there isn’t anything a patient can say that would surprise us. So if you’re thinking about seeking help, just call us…it won’t be as scary as you think.

I hope you enjoy reading the Question & Answers or listening to the whole podcast…I certainly had fun chatting with these amazing women!

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