A New Form Of Male Contraception

I am so excited about a new form of male birth control.  According to a new study, a new form of male contraceptive has been successfully trialed on a group of 16 monkeys and has prevented pregnancies for over 2 years of testing.

The new male contraceptive is called Vaselgel. It’s mechanism of action is similar to a vasectomy, but less invasive. No snipping if you will.  Vaselgel is a gel like substance that blocks sperm from escaping the body. It is 100% reversible.

Male monkeys were given an injection of Vasegel then they were released to live among female monkeys for an entire year of breeding season. These monkeys did not get a single female monkey pregnant.

Vaselgel has not been tested on humans yet. It been tested on both monkeys and rabbits with no adverse side effects and no pregnancies.

The makers of the gel, the Parsemus Foundation will begin testing on humans within the next year. They anticipate releasing Vasegel shortly after human testing has confirmed its efficacy and safety.

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