Understanding Vulvodynia

If you have vaginal pain with intercourse, you may have been diagnosed with vulvodynia. And you may feel terribly confused by all the information you are getting from your doctor or from looking up the condition on line. And that’s totally understandable because the truth is that there can be some disagreement by doctors themselves on the diagnosis and treatment of vulvodynia. Some of that is because until recently vulvodynia was a little-understood condition. Until recently all types of vulvodynia were “lumped together” as one condition. Because the underlying causes could be so different, it made the condition very difficult to treat.

There are limited specialists who truly understand this vulvodynia. Also, a number of new ways of treating vulvodynia have recently developed and there is always a lag time between when a treatment become available and when mainstream physicians hear about, are trained in them or adopt them.

The most important thing for you to be conscious of, is finding a practitioner with lots of experience treating vulvodynia. They are the only ones who will be able to differentiate between underlying causes and they will be the most likely to solve your problem.

Our center is currently using a laser technique for primary neuro-proliferative Vestibulodynia. Because this treatment was used so successfully in Europe as an alternative to surgery, we sent staff there to be trained. We are thrilled to be able to offer it to women who until recently we believed needed surgery.

So if you have been diagnosed with vulvodynia, why don’t you give us a call for a free 10 minute consultation? You may get a whole new perspective.

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