One Patient’s Struggle & Triumph Over Vaginismus

22-year-old Savannah shares her story with Self Magazine. 

I treat patients with vaginismus every single day. Each patient has their own unique story. I admire their bravery for having the courage to conquer what is sometimes their greatest fear in life. I recently worked with a patient who became increasingly passionate about sharing her story about vaginismus with the world. She sincerely felt a responsibility to share her story to help women feel empowered by their decision to seek treatment and not feel shameful about this condition. I often see patients who had purchased dilators online and were never able to use them. Some weren’t able to open the box due to fear and others just found it too painful to do alone. Many tell me that they are on the brink of giving up hope. I am so proud of Savannah for sharing her inspiring story in SELF magazine! It is a reminder to all of us to never give up! Vaginismus is a very treatable condition and we can help you! On behalf of every woman who will feel hope because of your story, we thank you Savannah!

Click Here to read her inspiring story.

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