What’s Wrong With This Picture?

I was perusing the December 21 & 28 edition of The New Yorker, when I came across Harry Bliss’s cartoon of two women sitting in Sofi’s Café with the caption: “Lately, I feel like the only time I have to myself is when I’m having sex with Brian.”

Click here to see the cartoon.

Having time to yourself? Sounds ideal. Having time to yourself only when having sex? Can we all agree that is less than ideal? But why? If it works for her and Brian, who are we to judge? Is she boasting or complaining? Is she describing the ideal state of her relationship which she finally achieved, or its’ deteriorated state to which she is now reconciled?

And where is Brian in all this? While the cartoon by Harry Bliss seems to be provocative and facetious in the extreme, it is not that far removed from the issues faced by our patients at Maze Women’s Health on a daily basis. Often, a presenting concern by a woman at our center is met with a series of exploratory questions to help better define and understand what the problems really are, and especially what they are not.

It seems that today’s menu at Sofi’s Café was also serving food for thought!

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