The G Spot and Female Ejaculation

The argument over female ejaculation goes on and on and on. While no one really argues that some women “squirt” when they have orgasm, the scientific world seem split down the middle about what is in the ejaculate. Half the scientific world say that women’s secretions are primarily urine based, that is women pee while having an orgasm and that the ejaculation is merely another manifestation of incontinence. The other half says that the emission is high in fructose and as such, seems much more related to male ejaculate than previously thought. Each of these theories is based on a small sample study though so it’s difficult to put the matter to rest. But in reality, who cares? And I think that is the most important point. If a woman finds herself squirting (or not) during G Spot stimulation or during orgasm, and it feels good, what difference does it make what we call the liquid. Just put down a towel, let yourself go and feel good. For more on the subject, here’s a terrific recent article.




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