Need A New Year’s Resolution? Say Nice Things To Yourself!

We talk to ourselves all the time. ALL OF THE TIME!  Not necessarily out loud, but the constant narrative we have going on in our heads is indeed “self-talk.”   Yes, the self-talk that goes on in our heads is “talking” and can affect us as much as the words we utter out loud. It takes practice to control those thoughts, and often a conscious effort to keep them positive. Research has proven that the more we say things to ourselves the more we will believe them. As a therapist I often hear many people’s most private thoughts, and the self-talk and story we are telling ourselves in our own heads. It is rare that I meet someone who tells me they are thinking: “How sexy I look today,” or “What a good decision I just made.” It is usually more like: “I look terrible in that picture.” “Why can’t I just get it together?”

How about making sure you say at least 3 nice things to yourself each day?

Try and say something that you believe, or that you want to believe. “My eyes look great with this sweater,” or “ That was a pretty powerful presentation I just made.” These are compliments you would readily give a friend, so why not give them to yourself? You can be your own best friend, it just takes a little practice.




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