Women and the Development of Sex Toys

The point at which sex and technology meet is always fascinating and there seems to be an uptick in that area these days. With more expensive and personalized vibrators and sex toys becoming all the rage, it feels like we’re moving into a new era for women. But, I’d caution you!

The truth is that sometimes all the extra bells and whistles are just that, extra bells and whistles. I’m not convinced that having 15 speeds on a vibrator makes it a better vibrator and that feeling is echoed by feedback I get from my patients. And all the broo-ha about strengthening your Kegels leading to better orgasms always makes me nervous. Even though it sounds good, there is just no real research to support that claim.  

However, I do love the idea of women getting more involved in the business of developing and marketing sex toys that work for us. And I think the more woman are involved in the process the better it will be for us. So, read on…http://www.standard.co.uk/lifestyle/esmagazine/the-rise-of-intimate-technology-meet-the-new-smart-sex-toys-that-will-give-you-a-bespoke-orgasm-a3101626.html

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