How soap scum can affect your sex life!

I’ve written about it before and I’m sure I will write about it again…your vulva (area just outside your vagina) only needs to be washed with water! I have seen many women complaining of vaginal/vulva dryness and are shocked to learn that using soap (of any kind) on this sensitive tissue can be harmful.

There are many different “feminine friendly” soaps on the market and ladies, you don’t need any of them. These soaps can dry out the tissue as well as leave behind a layer of…wait for it…soap scum! I have seen soap residue lodged in between the clitoris and the clitoral hood which prevents the clitoral hood from retracting when the clitoris becomes engorged. This can decrease sensation and pleasure. I know I am up against a fierce advertising machine but I assure you, your vulva only needs a quick rinse with water!!

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