Sex addiction.

We typically do not treat sexual addiction. However it is an issue that I have seen often in my work as a couples therapist. When an individual or spouse is struggling with sexual addiction and trying to understand what is happening I often suggest the book Out of the Shadows by Patrick Carnes. It can be incredibly helpful in understanding the roots of addiction and the many the many ways it can manifest in individuals and relationships.

Treating any kind of sexual issue is often complicated to deal with because of the shame involved. Sexual addiction has specific challenges because not only is an individual suffering with a behavior they feel they can’t control, they feel ashamed to get help and isolated with their struggle. Carnes explains many aspects of what people face: the cycle of addiction, different levels of addiction, how cybersex may be involved and then clearly elucidates 12 steps to recovery.

Carnes has written extensively on this topic and developed a certified sex addiction therapist program. To access a therapist or program near you, you can go to

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