Naked hour.

As usual I got a great idea from one of my patients today. She and her husband have been struggling sexually. He’s had a hard time holding his erection. She’s having terrible pain every time they have intercourse and like so many other couples they are just plain having difficulty finding time for sex. But…a few months ago they decided that once a week they would just have “naked hour.” I asked what that meant and she said that at least once a week they try to set aside time alone — and naked — with no cell phone, no TV, no computer. They climb into bed, naked and just hang out that way. “Sometimes we have sex. And sometimes we don’t” she said. “But we always feel really good about spending some intimate time together. We cuddle, we stroke, we talk and not surprisingly we actually often end up having sex.” I love the idea. And I love the name even more. So here’s something to consider, would “naked hour” work for you and your partner?

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