Get your hoochie coochie in order!

My patient came in complaining of pain during intercourse. She had been suffering for a couple of years. Her symptoms started after menopause. Her vagina felt dry and itchy. At first, using a lubricant helped keep the pain at a manageable level but soon thereafter the pain worsened. She had a very healthy sex life with her partner and wanted to maintain their lifestyle so she would suffer through the pain. It was her husband who told her he didn’t want to have intercourse anymore because he didn’t like hurting her.

Luckily, she took action and found us on the internet. Within a month she was back to having pain free intercourse. She was treated with topical estrogen cream and used dilators (plastic cylinders of increasing size) until she could tolerate the size that was slightly larger than her partner. Throughout our treatment process she became more and more passionate about spreading the word about our center and the need for women to take care of their vaginal health. Unfortunately, her gynecologist had offered her no solutions.

Recently while having lunch with her friends she told them of her experiences. She said she couldn’t help but tell them to “Get Your Hoochie Coochie In Order!” Her friends were very interested in what she had to say and as it often turns out; one of her friends had been suffering with pain for many years. She encouraged her to make an appointment to come here and I really hope that she does. Unless desired, sex should never be painful.

There you have it ladies. Call us! So we can help you get your hoochie coochie in order!

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