Aging with humor and grace.

I love this cute video on aging with humor and grace. The video is going viral on youtube and the woman who made the video, Donalou Stevens, has been getting countless e-mails from people around the world thanking her for spreading her positive message. Clearly people are feeling validated by the way her style, talent, and fun way of embracing the body changes that many women feel insecure about as they age.

Unfortunately we live in a society that views aging as something to dread and avoid, and the lucrative anti-aging industry is a testament to the widespread effort to “rewind the clock”. How sad that as women get older, birthdays bring sentiments of angst for getting older as opposed to gratitude for living. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why Donalou Steven’s video is so refreshing and inspiring. She teaches women around the world to look at their beautiful bodies and “own it”, not to hide, not to feel ashamed, and to embrace themselves with acceptance and happiness.

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