“I’m absorbing!”

Testosterone. We tend to prescribe it often around here. It helps. For some women it helps a little. For some women it helps a lot.

Janet (not her real name) came in for her first appointment a bit defensive. I think she didn’t really believe we could help her disinterest in sex and I get it. Many new patients feel hopeless and pretty unconvinced there can be a solution to low desire. Specifically they don’t get how a hormone could possibly shift the way they feel. But we talked for a long time. We put Janet on a daily regimen of Testosterone and we gave her suggestions for other changes she might be able to make that could help her sex life. It took a few appointments and about 6 months, but Janet is interested in sex again. As a matter of fact, at one point, her husband told her she was a “sex pest.” She thought that was hilarious.

Here’s what she doesn’t think is hilarious. She has to put this goopy cream on her leg every single day. (There are alternatives, but this is the treatment she picked.) But Janet has turned it into a positive. She told us she takes a few minutes lying down waiting for the goopiness to dry up. “I take time to absorb.”

As a matter of fact, she said when her husband comes in and asks why she is just lying there on her bed, she puts on her most seductive smile and says: “I’m ABSORBING!”

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