MYTH: Wine helps painful intercourse.

I am always surprised at how many patients I see who tell me that their gynecologist recommends they have a glass of wine before intercourse. They say it’s to help them relax and that it would help with the pain they experience during intercourse. Not only does this not work, but the patient is left with no treatment plan and winds up waiting until her next follow up Pap smear to discuss this issue, which can be up to 3 years!!

The women we see usually have been experiencing vaginal pain for years before finding help. There are many reasons why a woman may experience painful intercourse: vaginismus, vulvodynia, vaginal dryness (secondary to menopause, birth control pills, medications), endometriosis and even anatomical abnormalities.

Painful intercourse should be taken seriously. Here at the Center we address both the physical and psychological aspects of painful intercourse. Oftentimes painful intercourse affects a woman’s self-esteem and can cause relationship problems.

Clearly, a glass of wine will not solve these problems! If you are experiencing painful intercourse and can’t get to the Medical Center for Female Sexuality, I recommend you print out the information you find on our website and bring this information to your gynecologist. There are many treatments available for painful intercourse — no woman needs to suffer. Click here to read our patient testimonials

Save that glass of wine to celebrate the day you have pain-free intercourse!

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