‘Tis the season for weight gain.

During the holiday season there are more temptations and more opportunities to eat more and drink more than what you usually consume. We here at MCFS are definitely not immune; fresh batches of cookies seemingly appear every few hours!

I read a very interesting report in The New England Journal of Medicine stating that holiday weight gain in the average person is not between 5-10 pounds as most people believe. Several studies now show that the average weight gain during the winter holiday season is just ONE POUND!

Although this may seem like good news, researchers have found that most people don’t lose that ONE pound of weight they put on during the holidays- ever. And since the average adult will gain one to two pounds per year, much of the midlife weight gain can be explained by holiday eating.

Although this info may make you want to scream “BAH HUMBUG”, take it in stride and perhaps be more mindful as you graze through the holidays. Increase your exercise, eat one less cookie, drink one less drink but most of all…enjoy yourself, relax and laugh! Laughter burns calories after all!

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