The pajama party.

I did a television interview last week. It was totally fun and totally unusual. It involved sitting on a waterbed. I kid you not. So here’s the premise — this new talk show has a bunch (four, to be precise) of absolutely adorable 20-somethings in PJ’s sitting around talking about sex. And me.

Just to set the stage a bit more, I am not a 20-something, I am not what you would typically call “absolutely adorable,” and I am not particularly comfortable bouncing around on a water bed. BUT, I will give you this, it was really fun. And they asked interesting questions…Can you “learn” how to have an orgasm with intercourse? Are men all really more focused on intercourse and not interested in kissing? Why do men say they want someone who is a “lady” but then want to sleep with all the women they meet on the first date? You get the picture. So I am waiting to see what happens when this cute local TV show airs in January and we’ll make sure to post the video on our blog.

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