Female sexual dysfunction: equal opportunity afflictor.

So you’re sitting at lunch with your girlfriends and the topic of sex comes up. As you listen to their glorious tales (which may or may not be the real deal), you start to think about the sexual dysfunction you’re experiencing and question whether you fit the stereotype.

NEWSFLASH: There is no exclusive ‘type’ of woman who suffers from sexual dysfunction!

Everyday at the Center we see diversity in age, race, religion, education, socioeconomic status and relationship status. We have patients who have never been in a relationship and those who have. We have patients who have already sought help in the past for sexual dysfunction and those who are reaching out now for the first time. The only commonality in the women we work with is the yearning for peace of mind and the ability to feel comfortable with one’s body.

Yeah, it takes courage to seek help. But you’re the ‘type’ that deserves to be happy.

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