Your partner thinks you’re beautiful…you think he’s crazy.

If I hear one more woman say to me, “ I think I look hideous…what? My partner? Oh he loves looking at me. He thinks I’m beautiful. He’s an idiot.” I really may shoot myself.


Do you hear yourself???

I know we live in a society in which we are constantly told we don’t look “good enough,” “right,” or beautiful. I know you, like everyone else, are constantly barraged with images of beauty that are unrealistic and almost every woman I know hates the way she looks. But please, try not to distort someone else’s normalcy and mental health with your problems.

He loves the way you look. He or she thinks you are beautiful and sexy. He gets turned on watching you undress, shower, strip tease, or just watching you get turned on. Can you relax and enjoy it? No, your partner is not stupid, blind or crazy. He or she is human and as such, is turned on by a variety of different things: skin, lips, sound, smell, curves, spaces, shadows, humor, eyes, moans, ears… to name just a few.

Think of the people who may have turned you on over the years. Have they all ascribed to a specific standard of beauty, or was there something else that got you going? Who we think of as beautiful in our life is so much more complex than pants size, height, hair color or skin tone. Those things might contribute, but they are rarely the deal breaker. Try to understand that everyone sees you through their own prism lens and your partner is no different. You are lucky enough to be with someone whose prism lens makes you beautiful.

Please, take the gift you are given and enjoy it!

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