Lying (like crazy) to your gynecologist.

I found this article funny, really funny. But also a bit sad…and I’m trying to figure out who is exactly at fault here. My opinions may not make any sense before you read the article, but they may convince you to read it!

I guess I think the real problem is the physician who doesn’t take time to get to know the patient, doesn’t deal with real issues and real people and doesn’t seem to be actively listening or engaging the patient.

However, I really do think that people also need to be more pro-active in terms of asking for what they want, arguing with their doctors and taking responsibility so that they go into their appointments armed with useful information and knowing what they want or at least what they need to ask.

Anyhow…if you want a good laugh, read this…and no…your breasts probably don’t feel like oatmeal.

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