Four years old is WAY too old to start talking about sex!

So it turns out I was wrong. When I give Sex Ed talks to parents and they ask when a parent should start talking to their kids about sex, I usually say… “it’s never too early. You should start when the kids are three or four”. Well, it turns out that four may be on the later end.

There’s a new book out by Robbie Harris, one of my absolute favorite sex educators/authors. It’s called Who Has What, and it’s an introduction to the body and sex for kids. Don’t worry though, in classic Robbie Harris style it’s age appropriate, sensitive and best of all, warm and funny. Her pictures (as always) are amazingly sweet. And guess what? It’s aimed at children two and a half and older.

I always tell parents that at any age, books are the best way to start a conversation and educate your kids. I also always say that if you read to them when they are little, you get nice and used to using real terminology with them, you know that they have the basics and, trust me, it makes it so much easier to talk to your kids about sex when they get older.

So now you have absolutely no excuse. Get the book, cuddle up on the sofa with some hot cocoa and start that long overdue sex conversation.

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