When your kids are uncomfortable talking about sex.

I heard a sweet story yesterday and I thought I’d share it about a mother who has been trying to talk to her 10 year-old daughter about sex. Although she feels that her daughter listens, she had not been getting much feedback or questions. She discovered that, while her daughter feels too awkward and uncomfortable to talk to her mother about sex, she is comfortable typing out her questions.

So she and her mother have come to the following modus operandi. Whenever she has a sex questions she types it out on the computer and lets her mother know there is a question waiting for her. When they are having a conversation, even in the middle of the conversation, she will run to the computer and type out questions.

I thought it was a great idea, especially for kids who are still having trouble saying words like “penis” and “vagina” out loud. What I think is even greater is that this mother and daughter worked out a solution that works well by tailoring a way to have the conversation that was comfortable to them both.

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