Traveling with sex toys.

A Transportation Security Administration (TSA) employee was fired last week for allegedly leaving a note (“Get your freak on, girl”), on a traveler’s sex toy.

Hmmm…I have to be honest, when I heard the report on the radio driving home I cracked up.

Admittedly, the story wasn’t really funny. It was, I’m sure, quite upsetting to the woman who received the note so I was trying to figure out why that was my response. Maybe it’s because I am always telling patients who are nervous about flying with their sex toys not to worry. “Who the heck notices other people’s sex toys?” I say. Why would TSA workers pay any attention. Well…I guess I’m wrong. Some of them do.

That having been said, I still am laughing when I think about it. I guess it’s because I feel like the TSA worker was probably a bit titillated and jealous — not judgmental. His note wasn’t a moral or religious harangue against sex toys but something more akin to “more power to you, girl.” And a small part of me feels bad that he was fired even though the note was a truly heinous breach of professionalism and totally inappropriate.

I suppose I’m glad the TSA is taking his lack of professionalism seriously and I’m glad they are reacting appropriately. At the same time I am also happy to hear of a man expressing his pleasure at an unknown woman’s sexual freedom and I think that’s great too. Hence the laugh.

Even more interesting, I started to Google “traveling with sex toys” and found that there are many sites with suggestions and ideas to make it easier. So that will be the subject of my next newsletter folks. How to travel safely with your vibrators!

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