A recent study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine states that, “moderate consumption of alcohol (11-20 drinks a month), through psychological and social disinhibiting effects, may favor sexual activities(for women with no health issues who are between the ages of 18 and 35).” This article basically states that though excessive drinking at any age can be dangerous, moderate drinking for certain women can in fact, help your sex life.

Of course I do not suggest heavy drinking and many factors can contribute to negative outcomes when an individual drinks alcohol particularly if there are any pre-existing health issues or a family history of substance abuse or addiction. However if none of those conditions exist it seems that consuming a moderate amount of alcohol may make women less inhibited and therefore have more sexual activity and more satisfying sexual experience. “In our study, the moderate drinkers showed a lower BDI (Beck Depression Inventory-which tests for depression, i.e. were less depressed), an increased number of sexual intercourse sessions/per week, and an increased percentage of vaginal orgasms.”

All research must be analyzed carefully, so I have to add that this is a very small study (87 participants). Because of that it can not be generalized to the population at large (unless more studies with randomized controls were done), but it is fun to think about the results. Maybe that glass or two of wine might actually make your sex life better!

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