Botulinum toxin for vaginismus: “It has the potential to change your life.”

Sometimes we like to share what our patients say about a particular condition and their experience with MCFS. Here’s an inspiring testimonial from a woman who had great success with treating vaginismus with botulinum toxin.

I’ve suffered from vaginismus my whole life. I initially hoped it was something that would resolve on its own, but unfortunately it persisted. The pain was intense, and having sex became a huge emotional and physical effort. I consulted multiple doctors, often to be told that ‘I needed to relax, and should try having a couple of glasses of wine’.

I found out about the botulinum toxin procedure while trying to research my condition online. That’s when I decided I’d lived with vaginismus long enough and made an appointment at the Women’s Centre. Everyone here was empathetic and extremely helpful, and the procedure itself was quick and minimally invasive. The results were incredible. For the first time I am able to have sex without fear and actually enjoy it. My husband doesn’t feel like he’s hurting me anymore. The whole experience has been empowering and liberating. I sincerely encourage anyone with vaginismus to explore this treatment, as it has the potential to change your life.

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