Embracing the masculine and the feminine.

I recently heard a lecture about the history of sexuality. The lecturer said he thought the greatest lovers of all times had a strong mix of masculine and feminine qualities. He cited Catherine the Great, Cleopatra, Marc Antony and Casanova. The men possessed a strong feminine side and the women a strong masculine side.

At the Center, we see the crucial role that testosterone, a hormone generally associated with masculinity plays in the female sex drive. Testosterone is naturally produced in a woman’s body and it is actually necessary for optimal female sexual functioning. I have seen that this hormone is actually necessary for women to experience desire and arousal. And when it is low there is a lot we can do to help women to increase the levels they have within their bodies.

Another interesting aspect of the male/female duality is the comfort one has with themselves as a sexual being. At the Center we often see women feel guarded or afraid about being a sexual person. Sometimes women feel afraid to explore their sexuality. They may have gotten messages that being sexual is too male or unseemly. They may have gotten religious or familial ideas that sex is bad. I want to encourage everyone to challenge these ideas. Women who embrace their sexuality and their desire tend to feel better about themselves. As a society we need to empower women to feel good about their sexuality and we can certainly begin one woman at a time.

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