Dressing sexy.

There’s always some women’s magazine article encouraging you to wear a sexy negligee or bewitching underwear. It’s a point made often because we are Pavlovian creatures and we do respond to outside stimulus. If we remember having great sex wearing that red satin teddy we wore the year we got engaged, it’s very likely that the red satin teddy, (or , perhaps, any red satin) will make our body tingle when we see it. Clothes affect how we feel, not simply the way other peoples see us.

And what about more subtle (and maybe more practical) ways to dress to feel sexy. When was the last time you left a few extra buttons open on your shirt, wore a low cut blouse or a skirt that was a little bit shorter than usual. Those are small, maybe insignificant changes for most of the world around us, but they may make us feel more daring, playful and in the end, sexy. Yes, you may dress to be enticing to your partner, but you should also take the opportunity to dress to get yourself feeling sexy and turned on. Ultimately, that may be more important.

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