Resources on sex education.

I’m often asked for some suggestions of books to help talk to kids about sex. My wonderful friend, Catherine Dukes, PhD, who is the VP for Education at the Planned Parenthood of Delaware, is always a wealth of knowledge on sex education and resources. She suggested the following link,, and I thought it was great resource for parents who are looking for books on sex for the kids ages three through nineteen . Some of these books are meant to give to the kids to learn from, and some are for the adults to read to them.

One caveat. You do need to know your child and what is appropriate for them. I have found it helpful, with all ages, to leave the books out where kids can see them and explore them on their own without making a big deal out of it. And at some point suggesting that you’re happy to answer any specific questions they have or even point out something new you learned or thought was interesting as well!

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