Hormonal treatment for low desire.

We do a lot of hormonal treatment for low desire. And the truth is, if a low hormone level is the culprit, this treatment can be very effective. But I do want to put out a word of caution to women who are trying a hormonal treatment:

  1. You need to be tested by someone who knows what they are doing. Many times women say to us that they were tested by their primary care providers who told them that their hormonal levels were perfectly normal. “Normal,” unfortunately, is still a relative thing in this field and you need to be tested by someone who can read the results with a skeptical eye.
  2. You need to use the right product. Compounded products can be extremely tricky, and may not work as well. Biodentical products are probably the way to go but need to be adjusted accordingly. Work with someone who has significant experience with using specific products.
  3. Too weak a dosage or too short a time of usage are unlikely to yield any reasonable results or any results at all. This may be more frustrating than doing nothing, so be ask the right questions and be compliant when you are prescribed.
  4. Be conservative. Make sure all the relevant blood levels are monitored regularly and that you are being followed by a professional in a way that feels thorough and responsible.

Having warned you about the issues — it’s definitely worth a try!

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