Treating vaginismus at home.

If you suspect you have vaginismus — severe pain (or any pain for that matter) when you have intercourse or you haven’t been able to insert anything into your vagina — the best option by far is to see a specialist who handles this particular condition.

If, however, you don’t think you can, then by all means try treating yourself. Buy a set of vaginal dilators (they are described and sold in the MCFS Store on our website, and elsewhere) and use them, starting with the smallest one you can comfortably fit into your vagina. You should try to progress to a new size every week and understand that each size will be uncomfortable. As your vagina stretches to accommodated the larger sizes you can put in a small size and see the progress. You probably won’t feel them at all.

Here’s the deal: if you hit a “plateau” in your program — you can’t seem to move up in size after more than 2 weeks or you can’t even get a small one in — you really need to see a professional. Vaginismus is one of those conditions that women ignore. When they are having trouble, they just leave the dilators on the shelf and figure maybe they don’t have to think about it. Time has a funny way of flying by when you are avoiding something, and then you turn around and another half year has gone by and the same problem is there.

So do yourself a favor, find a specialist in this area and make an appointment. It’s such a treatable condition and you will feel so much better when you can put the dilators on the shelf because you are really and truly done with them.

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