On trusting yourself.

We saw two patients in two weeks who had severe vaginal pain. In both cases the pain started 3-6 months after starting a new form of birth control pill. In both cases the patient felt that it was related to the birth control pill and asked their prescribing physician about it. In both cases they were assured that it had nothing to do with the new birth control and they recommended that the patients stay on.

The sad part is that in both cases the patients were absolutely correct and could have saved themselves a great deal of pain and sadness. Each patient steadily got worse for 2-3 years and underwent treatment after treatment until each found her way to our center. They both needed to get off the offending drugs and then do some rehab. But, they are both doing well now.

So my message is important. Trust yourself. If something feels wrong — test it out. Doctors are not infallible. We all make mistakes. More importantly, even if something is not reported in medical literature, you are unique and you know your body best. So listen to your body, trust your instincts and heal thyself.

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